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Vitamin C Day 2022

You know getting vitamin C in your diet is essential, but it’s just as important to include it in your skincare routine! The antioxidant is so important that it even has its own holiday, National Vitamin C Day!

“Vitamin C is a science-backed ingredient that helps improve the appearance of skin aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne,” says Dr. Sawyer. “When used regularly, it helps prevent sun damage and protect against free radicals.”


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Antioxidant Defense: Celebrating Vitamin C Day with Dr. Sarah Sawyer

Expert Insights for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Smiling blonde woman wearing black with arms crossed. Headshot of Dr. Sarah Sawyer, dermatologist in Birmingham, Alabama.
Dr. Sarah Sawyer, Founder of Dermatology & Laser of Alabama

Vitamin C is such a powerhouse, it even has its own day! National Vitamin C Day is April 4th, and the timing couldn’t be better. As the days grow longer and the weather turns warmer, more people will spend more time outside. But all that fun in the Alabama sun can have a downside for those who don’t protect their skin.

Exposure to UV radiation, pollution, and other environmental aggressors wreaks havoc on the skin by promoting free radical damage. Antioxidants in any form can help to fight and even reverse this damage. They also protect against skin damage!

In addition to sunscreens, applying vitamin C and other antioxidants directly to the skin is a great way to optimize your protection.

Here’s to enjoying the sunshine safely — and to brighter skin with vitamin C!


How do patients’ skincare needs change from the colder, drier winter months to the warmer, more humid days of spring and summer?

Sarah Sawyer, MD: “The first thing I like to remind everybody to do, including myself, is to check your sunscreen expiration dates. Lots of those bottles expired during the winter!

When people are outdoors more in the warmer, humid weather, it can cause a little extra buildup of dead skin, sweat, and oil. A lot of patients will switch to a lighter moisturizer at this time. Hydrating B5 Gel from SkinCeuticals is a great choice in the summer because it’s a serum, not a lotion or a cream, for people who don’t need as much moisturization in the summer. It contains a favorite ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which is water-loving, so many people enjoy using it.

I also remind people if they’re using retinol that it can create sun sensitivity. Patients should wash off retinol in the morning if they apply it the night before. People may change their cleanser to address the buildup of dead skin cells and sometimes sunscreen or sweat or oil. They might want an exfoliating scrub, like Micro Exfoliating Scrub. A granular scrub can give a deeper exfoliation or more of a foaming action, so users get a cleaner finish.

Then, of course, there is vitamin C. CE Ferulic is a great complement to sunscreens because it helps to neutralize residual free radicals in the upper layers of skin that sunscreen alone cannot prevent. I make sure that my patients always have some sort of antioxidant or vitamin C serum to put on every morning once spring hits.”


In addition to UV, what other exposures increase with more time outdoors? How should patients protect themselves?

Dr. Sawyer: “In addition to more ultraviolet radiation in the spring and summer, we are exposed to more environmental pollution, as well, because we’re outside more. A big change over the last 10 or 15 years in medicine is the recognition that inflammation causes most diseases, and that’s mediated by free radicals. Reactive molecules produce additional reactive molecules in a negative cascade that, in the skin, leads to the destruction of collagen and elastin. Any type of antioxidant, whether it’s topical or ingested, is going to work as a blanket over that reaction. They squelch the free radical activity of these molecules and help prevent damage before it even starts.

To ensure skin protection, it is essential to use topical vitamin C and sunscreen. Topical antioxidants, if formulated correctly, absorb well into the skin. SkinCeuticals has shown through their science that when vitamin C is absorbed in the skin, it’s there for up to 72 hours. That helps protect your skin for more than just the day you put it on. Even so, you should apply it daily to maintain the levels.”


Do you see a role for vitamin C or antioxidants in conjunction with procedures that you do?

Dr. Sawyer: “I like to make sure every patient is on a good skin care regimen. Right after sunscreen, vitamin C is the number two priority for me, especially when it comes to pigmentation and wrinkles—the two main complaints about aging. These serums can start the cleanup engine of the skin. Vitamin C not only protects your skin, but it helps to rehabilitate your skin.

Post-procedure, vitamin C can support healing and help remove pigmentation. SkinCeuticals has tested its vitamin C formulations used immediately after ablative and non-ablative procedures. Because the skin can be sensitive after ablative procedures, I tell patients to try it on a small patch of skin, and if it stings or burns then just wait a day or two.”


Do you change vitamin C recommendations based on the patient?

Dr. Sawyer: “Vitamin C is for everybody! I typically think about skin type and the condition of the patient’s skin. SkinCeuticals has three main unique formulas.

Often, I pick C E Ferulic for people who have normal to dry aging skin who don’t have any active acne or issues with any breakouts.

If somebody has unwanted pigment or problematic skin, then I recommend Phloretin CF, which is just a little bit lighter. It has also been shown to be effective against stressors in the environment and helps with pigmentation.

The newest vitamin C on the block is Silymarin CF, and it plays a key role in reducing excess sebum and lipid peroxidation in the skin. Before this came out, acne-prone patients had to minimize their use of vitamin C. Silymarin CF is better tolerated, and there’s just enough salicylic acid, a popular acne active ingredient, to help pores stay clean and help keep acne under control. It was shown in trials to benefit people concerned about blemishes and breakouts.

Patients should cleanse the skin, apply their vitamin C serum, then layer on any other products and, of course, sunscreen. The earlier we start patients on vitamin C, the better the patient’s skin will be, and we’ll have less sun damage by the time they pursue cosmetic treatment!”


Add Vitamin C to Your Routine

Today, SkinCeuticals vitamin C and antioxidant formulations are the gold standard. Thanks to their years of research and clinical testing, we know we’re getting pure forms of antioxidants, optimal concentrations, and formulations supporting our patient’s overall skin health.

At Dermatology & Laser of Alabama, we’re proud to be the only SkinCeuticals flagship location in Birmingham, Alabama. Questions? Our expert providers are here to help create a customized routine for your best results!