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Dr. Sawyer spent an entire year after residency in a dermatologic surgery fellowship in southern California with one of the world’s leading laser procedure experts. There she spent intensive, uninterrupted time gaining knowledge about the most advanced techniques in procedural dermatology and perfecting her laser procedure skills. Dr. Sawyer now oversees Alabama’s most extensive and comprehensive line of laser devices.

Skin Resurfacing Lasers

Skin resurfacing lasers restore your skin from the inside out. These devices stimulate collagen production through the skin’s natural healing process to target wrinkles, discoloration, scarring, texture and more.  

Fraxel is a fractional laser treatment that works below the skin’s surface from the top down. Its light energy stimulates your skin’s natural collagen, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface to help smooth the creases and pockets that cause wrinkles and scars. Fraxel only treats targeted problem areas – so the results are focused and effective.

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We often recommend Clear + Brilliant treatments for patients of all ages as it is customizable in its ability to address and prevent early signs of aging. This is a great option for recovering and maintaining the skin’s smoothness, radiance and overall quality. We often refer to this treatment as our “baby Fraxel.”

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Our Quadralase Carbon Dioxide fractional resurfacing laser is similar to Fraxel, but on a more intense scale. It targets significant wrinkles, crepey skin, sun damage and pigmentation. This treatment is performed by Dr. Sawyer as it is an ablative resurfacing technology.

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Our Acupulse CO2 laser combines the healing benefits of fractional resurfacing with the skin tightening benefits of an ablative laser for deep skin resurfacing. It targets sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation.

This treatment is performed by Dr. Sawyer as it is an ablative resurfacing technology.

Rejuvenating Lasers

Unwanted pigment caused from sun damage, environmental factors and aging is a common concern for many people. We offer several effective, long-lasting therapies for refreshing your skin’s glow. Our noninvasive photorejuvenation light and laser technologies are specifically designed to minimize and eliminate the appearance of undesirable pigment and signs of aging.  

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology utilizes the power of BroadBand Light to deliver strong, noticeable results. It directly targets pigmentation, texture and visible signs of aging with no downtime.

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V Beam is a pulsed dye laser that delivers an intense but gentle burst of light that targets redness. The V Beam is primarily used to treat facial veins, rosacea, scarring, stretch marks, and bruising.

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The Q-Switched Alexandrite or “Alex” laser is used to target brown pigmentation like sun spots and age spots.

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Other Laser Procedures

Laser hair removal utilizes laser energy to produce long-term hair reduction. This is a long-lasting, popular treatment method for targeting unwanted hair.

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Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. We have multiple devices for tattoo removal based on the size, age and color of the ink.

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