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Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to the performance of laser hair removal, experience matters. Our Laser Technicians are highly trained to deliver the safest, most effective results and experience possible.

Laser hair removal specifically targets melanin pigment to produce long-term hair reduction. While it is designed for all skin types, coarse, dark hair responds best. Light or white hair typically does not respond. 

Common skin conditions like folliculitis and ingrown hairs often respond well to this treatment.

Normally, a series of three to five treatments is administered at four to eight week intervals depending upon the location of the hair. Following the initial series of treatments, subsequent treatments are administered, usually at longer and longer intervals. Maintenance treatments may be needed overtime for permanent results.

Common treatment areas include the upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini area, back, arms and legs.

We ask that patients shave and avoid sunless tanning products around the treatment area prior to your scheduled visit.