Sarah Boyce Sawyer, MD

Founder, Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Sarah Sawyer is a board certified, fellowship-trained dermatologist. She obtained expert skills in general dermatology before seeking further training in cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery, and skin cancer therapy.

Dr. Sawyer founded Dermatology & Laser of Alabama in 2007 with a desire to represent the latest, most effective options in cosmetic dermatology. Her goal has always been to help patients navigate to make the best personalized choices, while finding a balanced approach to anti-aging and beauty.

“My philosophy has been to take care of not just the physical appearance of the patients, but the other aspects as well. I counsel patients about how to age in a healthy way, including eating right, exercising, and limiting excessive sun exposure. I dicuss options with patients before we take on a cosmetic plan to help them sort through all the noise they hear in the media!”

Dr. Sawyer has been the top injector of Botox and soft tissue filler in Alabama since 2009, and oversees the largest collection of laser devices in the state. Her artful work has secured her reputation for natural-looking results while guiding patients to simply be the best version of themselves.

In addition to her busy practice, Dr. Sawyer enjoys giving back to the community and supporting a variety of local nonprofits. She has been married since 2006 and has 2 sons, Wyatt (’07) and Will (’09). Their favorite family hobby is wake surfing during the summer (in full sun-protective clothing, of course)!

She also enjoys traveling out west and studying integrative & alternative medical therapies.



According to Dr. Sawyer, “I was raised in a small town with great parents. My father is a dentist and showed me amazing patient care skills from a young age. I knew very early on that I wanted to be a physician!”

After graduation with honors from the University of Alabama School of Medicine, her dermatology residency from 1999 to 2002 prepared Dr. Sarah Sawyer to treat all types of skin conditions. During her residency, she became involved in research, authored medical papers, lectured nationally, and held multiple leadership positions.

Her fellowship position in San Diego, California, further established her as an up-and-coming dermatologist. Dr. Sawyer was involved in cutting-edge technology and assisted her mentors in presenting the newest findings in dermatologic surgery, writing book chapters, and teaching students and residents.

During this fellowship, Dr. Sawyer was trained by four of the nation’s leading dermatologic surgeons in skin cancer surgery, laser surgery of all types, leg vein treatments, Botox, and soft tissue fillers. In 2003, she returned to Birmingham as an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at UAB. There, she continued her involvement with teaching, research, and patient care.

Today, Dr. Sawyer is known for her masterful work in cosmetic dermatology and facial rejuvenation utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology.