Silhouette Body Transformation


Body Transformation

After 7000 procedures, we know how to shape a body without surgery. Led by Dr. Sarah Sawyer, a fellowship-trained laser expert, Dermatology & Laser of Alabama has the most comprehensive collection of body shaping technologies in the state of Alabama. We believe that using one technology to try to achieve the body you want is a thing of the past.

Silhouette Body Transformation is a new concept in noninvasive body treatments.  We use a combination of our cutting edge technologies to produce the best body shaping result possible, with no pain or down time.  We use multiple modalities to remove excess fat, smooth loose skin and cellulite, tone muscle, and stimulate lymphatic drainage to enhance metabolism in treatment areas.

We also know that a healthy lifestyle is important but difficult to maintain, so we are here to support you. Dr. Sarah Sawyer has been trained by Dr. Andrew Weil, a leading Integrative Medicine physician who pioneered the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and is an international expert in living a healthy lifestyle.

Our experience, knowledge and superior technology have elevated our results.

After your consult, you will have a customized strategy and treatment plan, as well as tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. After your consultation, we believe you will see the DLA difference.

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After Four Treatments

Before                                               After

After Three Treatments

Before                                              After

After Two Treatments

Before                                             After