HydraFacial vs. JetFusion

Which Facial Treatment is for you?

Has your skin looked a little dull lately, lacking its usual brightness and luster? Maybe you’re starting to get the dreaded “maskne” or some new fine lines because, well, it’s been a year.

Standard spa facials barely touch the surface of most skin issues, which is why we offer two specialty skin treatments at Dermatology & Laser of Alabama: HydraFacial & JetFusion. Both will deep-clean, exfoliate, and renew your skin to get it glowing again!

Read on to discover which facial treatment which one is right for you.


What is HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial is often referred to as “the lunchtime facial,” because you’ll need absolutely no downtime after receiving one. It helps with most skin concerns, including oiliness, fine lines, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, large pores, and uneven skin tone.

Although it’s quick, the HydraFacial packs a punch: its patented technology (a small suction-like device) combines multiple steps in one appointment.

These treatment steps will have you showing off fresh, dewy skin in no time:

  • Cleanse: The HydraFacial tip “vacuums” dead skin cells, oil, and dirt out of your pores. Glycolic and salicylic acids draw out dirt from the deeper layers of the skin, leaving your skin super clean.
  • Extract: This is where we amp up the suction to help clear up any remaining impurities in your skin, which is particularly helpful after your skin’s pores have opened up from the glycolic acid peel.
  • Replenish: After being deep-cleaned, your skin will be pampered with essential moisturizing serums that contain antioxidants and peptides to leave it refreshed and hydrated.

What is JetFusion?

The JetFusion is the newest facial offered at Dermatology & Laser of Alabama. We are proud to offer this breakthrough technology in Birmingham!

So, how is it different? Unlike the suctioning device used in the HydraFacial, the JetFusion facial employs what is referred to as a “pressure wash for your face.”

It uses dermal infusion technology (in the form of a small wand) to generate “microdroplets” of 100% natural serums that gently exfoliate deep into your skin to help reduce discoloration, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, and improve texture.

Like the HydraFacial, the JetFusion facial has several treatments in one:

  • Lymphatic Drainage: The first step thoroughly cleanses pores with a supersonic jet stream, boosting circulation with lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation & puffiness.
  • Jet Cleansing & Exfoliation: A gentle glycolic solution renews the skin & clears pores without irritation.
  • Jet Infusion: This final, essential step is where we restore hydration with the infusion of targeted serums.

After your JetFusion treatment, your skin will look hydrated, brighter, and bouncier. All this with no downtime!

If you want to take it to the next level, JetFusion gives you the option to add additional serums to address your skin’s specific needs such as Vitamin C, ATX-Nat, Growth Factors, and a CBD infusion.


Is HydraFacial or JetFusion better for me?

We often get asked which of these options is the best facial that Birmingham has to offer, and the truth is – both are fantastic! Both treatments can be fully customized with booster serum enhancements with targeted ingredients. You can’t go wrong with either, but here’s a quick way to figure out which one to try first:

If you have more specific skin concerns, or multiple skin concerns (such as acne AND fine lines & wrinkles), the JetFusion is easier to customize to your needs.

The HydraFacial benefits are wonderful for anyone, even if you don’t have a specific skin concern and just need a little brightening in your life. It’s also a slightly faster treatment if you’re short on time.

Some patients prefer one over the other, and some like both, depending on what their skin needs most at any given time. Our team of certified aestheticians is also happy to recommend which service would be best at your first appointment.


Get me that glowing, happy skin!

We can’t wait to get your skin happy & healthy! Schedule your next facial appointment online now, or give our front office team a call at (205) 870-3303 with any questions.