Revlite Laser

RevLite Laser is the next generation of Q-switched laser technology — a multi-purpose, multi-wavelength aesthetic medical laser that offers maximum power and versatility for a broad range of indications on all skin types. RevLite Laser utilizes an extremely high-speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths, enabling highly effective procedures with less heat and increased safety. Featuring PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse®, the RevLite Laser delivers very narrow pulse widths at peak energy, even at larger spot sizes. The speed and power of RevLite® can create a superior PhotoAcoustic rejuvenation effect, including a more refreshed appearance, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smoother texture, tightening and decreased pore size.
By storing energy between pulses, an EO (electro-optic) Q-switched laser is able to achieve a shorter output pulse. The Q-switch acts as a high-speed shutter, allowing the RevLite® laser to produce peak power output of 200 megawatts in a 5 – 20 ns pulse width. This creates a PhotoAcoustic effect, delivering peak energy with such force that the target molecule vibrates and shatters. The energy is delivered throughout the epidermis faster than the normal relaxation time of healthy tissue. As a result, this technology enhances safety and eliminates the need for skin cooling or any concern for scarring.
During your Revlite Rejuvenation procedure, a special hand piece is passed over the treatment area, dispensing the focused laser energy deep within the targeted tissues in a brief treatment that takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to perform. Facial lines and wrinkles, and discoloration and age damage on the face and other areas of the body, are ideally suited for treatment with the Revlite Rejuvenation procedure. The system is also used to shrink the appearance of large pores, and to improve the texture and tone of skin, resulting in a firmer, smoother, more youthful appearance.
The Revlite system offers gentle treatment of cosmetic issues, achieving results and encouraging the development of the skin’s natural collagen, which softens wrinkles and lines while firming and toning the skin in the treatment area.
There is no downtime associated with the Revlite Rejuvenation treatment, and most individuals can resume their normal activities right after the procedure. You may experience some slight, temporary redness right after the procedure, which usually disappears within a few hours to a day after treatment. You can expect to see initial results right after treatment, with continued improvements during the weeks following treatment, as new collagen continues to form in the treatment area. Most men and women find they need from 3 to 5 sessions to achieve the results they desire.  For more information please call our office @ 205-870-3303.


Acne Scarring Before and After Images

Acne Before and After Images

Wrinkles Before and After Images

Psoriasis Before and After Images

Rosacea Before and After Images

Melasma Before and After Images

Scars Before and After Images

Freckles Before and After Images

Leg Veins Before and After Images

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Before and After Images

Angioma Before and After Images

What conditions are treated with the RevLite laser?

• Wrinkles

• Acne scars

• Tattoo removal (Full-color Spectrum)

• Pigmented lesions

• Solar lentigos (sun spots)

• Senile lentigos (age spots)

• Café-au-lait birthmarks

• Becker’s nevi

• Freckles and nevus spilus

• Vascular lesions

• Port-wine birthmarks

• Telangiectasias

• Spider and cherry angiomas

• Spider nevi

• Dermal lesions

• Nevus of Ota